open doors day

Behold, it is Open Doors Day! This is an annual city-wide event where participating historical and cultural buildings which would usually charge admission throw their doors open to all. Admittedly, some of em don’t usually charge admission anyway – Beer and I went to the Edinburgh one a few years ago and I remember our first visit was to a cemetery, but there you go.

For some reason, the Allittlement is part of this event this year, which means there must be Produce and Baked Goods and trestle tables and general amounts of running about like a headless chicken and trying to interact with the public as little as possible; at least in my case, in case they ask questions I don’t know the answers to. Yes, this day is all about the public. My job is also all about the public, and I also spend most of it running about like a headless chicken and trying to interact with the public as little as possible in case they ask questions I don’t know the answers to. What’s your point?

Today is also a common-or-garden Sunday, therefore we will have the Thought for the Day, as they used to have on me Chestnut-haired Old Mother’s radio programme. And the thought I awoke with was this:

Ow. O wow ow. Ow. Ooh, it is seven o’clock. I can sleep till half seven!

Seconds later, the thought for the day was: Oh wow holy Jesus it’s TEN o’clock! O wow ow, the pain, I feel like I’ve been beaten up and I ain’t been to the fighting since Wednesday!

Stupid yesterday.

And I was meant to be at this Open Day, when? About midday, right?

Nope: according to the internet, I was meant to be there… fifteen minutes ago. Ah SHITE. I had to abandon my coffee, grab a big bag of loaves and another of compost and it was indeed a very painful uphill mile this morning, though I have done it with fifty litres of compost before now. And I felt terrible. Like that weak-as-water just-over-a-fever feeling, really. Maybe it’s the lack of coffee, now sitting all cold and folorn back home. Sniff.

Everyone else had brought a Flask. I too have a Flask now!

It is in the office.

But I rallied! Sort of! I blew up balloons, I priced up all the vegetables (probably wrongly), I barrowed things about. I was referred to as ‘the young one’ in my hearing, as in ‘the young one is not carrying as many chairs as us oldies’ – but the Lady In Charge would not let me, for it is well-known that the carrying capacity of a Little Old Lady is four times mine. I cannot wait to be as strong as Superman! I cannot WAIT for my bionic hips!

I also spent rather a lot of time standing about smoking with a lassie who has just got over the flu, so our cross-infections will be sodding marvellous.

And then I cried off, for I know not when my flatmate will get home, I don’t want her to come back tired and hungry to, well, the sort of scene I walked into the other week when the shoe was on the other foot, and there is such a lot more cooking to be done. I promised to come back when the Public have left and help tidy up. Which gave me a couple of hours, by that point, but at least I missed the massive rainstorm, hurrah. Instead, there were two loads of banana-and-choc-chip muffins primed for the freezer, and a casserole which used up all the leftover leeks. Viva!

And then it was back down again to be hard at it. Well. There was coffee left and so we sat in the weak sunshine drinking it.

This lassie who I met once and got a lift off was talking about her new life-drawing class, so I told the story of my faux pas at Dr Sketchy’s that time, which went down very well (people are encouraged to laugh at my misfortune as long as they are laughing at my retelling of it, not at me personally) and she invited me along and drew me a little map. Awesome! For someone who is desperately trying to avoid socialising at the moment, I have fallen on my feet and no mistake! I have a new art buddy! Well, sort of. And indeed, if looked at from a slightly different point of view; I have just agreed to go to a seedy bar and draw naked chicks with a virtual-stranger whose name I can’t remember.

Ho hum.

However! I asked about the big rack of rosehips that rings the perimeter fence, and have been given First Dibs on em. Wow. I bet I could fill the entire freezer with em (if I was very patient). This will be awesome! So everyone went home and I was left in the gloaming, pinging wet foliage and Christ-alone-knows-what down on my own head*.

But by this time I had transformed from ‘tired and frazzled’ to ‘tired and quite pleased with myself, really’. I wandered home, put on another loaf – all the loaves sold! Woo! – made a big lentil curry, had a hot shower, and sat down to spend a chilled-out evening in me PJs with Civ and a bunch of rosehips to prep for freezing.

(*Spiders, it turns out. One fell out my hair in the bathroom when I went for a shower later. These are funny spiders – they just ran round and round in the box of rosehips as I gradually top-n-tailed em and moved em to another box, and when one got out, it just ran round and round the top of that box. Hee. Scalextrix spiders!)

Not so, my flatmate. Now, I had already decided when it got to about nine at night, that it was a bit late to schedule The Talk – it’s not fair, when she was just in between arriving and going to bed. And lo, she arrived at nearly ten, and when I asked how her week’s camping had been, the answer was, ‘I want to pretend that week never happened’. Oh. Oh dear. To be honest I was kinda hoping it would be Fab.

No Talk tonight then; I have not the heart to be that inconsiderate. So I rounded off the weekend by sipping a beer while I dominated the globe and won the race to colonise space. And I at least went to bed tired in that ‘I did stuff’ way, and very appreciative of being warm and fed and safe. Which is not at all to be sneezed at.

And thus, it was the perfect ending to just the most fabulous weekend ever.



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