the best things in life are free, and I have loads of freebies

Despite being out carousing, I felt okay today! I guess I paid my dues in pain during the evening. So I spent today down the Allittlement, digging things over. It went very well. I was just thinking how much more earth there appears to be than I need, and how handy it would be if I had raised beds, when one of the lassies I helped barrow branches about earlier in the year came over and told me there is free wood at the end of the plots, and now she has nabbed all she wants, she is going to let me in on it. Ooh! Cool! A favour has been returned, a good deed has been repaid with another and the world is slowly becoming a more excellent place! Certainly, the part of the world I am in right now. I raced down and nabbed a load of really thick planks about thirty feet long each. Schweet, and apparently there is more to come when that is gone.

I’m not having a bad week for free stuff actually. I got some deadly cheap hiking boots that arrived with a free enormous mug, for reasons I am unclear on, but hey; I have a free go at the rosehips for making wine, I have free sparring gear allegedly coming along in return for a cut of said free rosehips and I got a free giant go on a trapeze! And now, my prayers for planks are answered!

So I sat down on my wee campstool and celebrated with a homemade beer in the lazy autumn sun, the leaves green as emeralds and glowing like coals, and thought, actually, I am stunningly happy. I’ve had a bitch of a week, millions of unpaid overtime, I ache all over, I still have a mountain of free rosehips to pick and deal with, I have a mountain of problems I have to sort, both at home and at work, and yet I feel equal to it. I feel like it’s spring, in fact, with luminous rays of Potential just breaking over the horizon. I do indeed, as Shakira sang, feel like god still exists. Yes, I just quoted Shakira. I am going to see Shakira. I am Not ashamed, dammit!

Well, I am a bit. Well, a lot. Still, I have never had Taste. Onward!

So I went home with a load of rosehips, made the week’s phonecalls while top-n-tailing em, discovered everyone is out but me, hee, discovered there is now not room in the Produce freezer for any more fruit, jeebus, how did that happen, and decided I had better put the lot on as wine tomorrow. Hurrah! This is the most fabulous day ever!

And now, some drawing and an early night and… ooh a text! Someone has got back to me!

Nope. T’was an incoming text from my flatmate, saying she’ll be back tonight, rather than tomorrow. After I get to bed, probably, but still. Things have not been going so well on the home front, shall we say. And so, I don’t feel happy and chilled and like all is well with the world any more; my good mood seems to have drained out through my suddenly chilly toes. I was planning an early night anyway, but perhaps I will go to bed now.

Oh well. It was a good weekend while it lasted.


About beshemoth

Mainly making art, making wine, writing and gardening. Having a life only as the above allows.
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