this is why I distrust heavily-branded products

Today: more head-cold. Methinks perhaps the Flying Duck is not calling my name so hard tonight. Besides, I have to go for tapas with my colleagues after work; heh. Apparently crying off because of the cold is not the done thing here, either. Still, a nice cheap night out with the remains of the magic twenty and… bloody hell, the tapas has gone up in price! Next time, the Croft!

At least I got a lift home. And I got in to… the scaffolding bill. Ah hello again, my old friend Scaffolding Bill. Last time you turned up, you were ‘not a bill’, the dates were all wrong (Easter and September) and the one piece of scaffolding (which actually arrived in August) appeared to be on you twice.

This time, you are a bill, the dates are different (but still wrong – now, they claim the scaffolding was up on my birthday, yeah right; what, the guy who was standing staring in at my bras drying on the hanger, through my first-floor window in August was merely levitating?), and the due date is now over two weeks prior to the ‘issued’ date. In fact, the only thing that remains the same is the ‘total due’ – which is still sodding enormous and still claims to be for two separate loads of scaffolding even though, this time, both loads allegedly turned up at the same place on the same day.

It’s not my suspicions that this is just a giant scam (the factors recently Rebranded at a cost of umpty-million and sent me a letter boasting about it, which at once made me wonder if huge, anomalous bills might be in my near future. Yep), it’s the way it’s such a poorly-done scam. Really, I know I’m gonna have to eventually shell out umpty-hundred pounds here; would it be so much to ask for them to keep their bloody dates straight? It’s like being cheated on by someone who can’t even be arsed keeping track!

Except, more expensive.

In conclusion: I will prevail! Well, I won’t – I will be made to pay up, labelled a troublemaker and probably charged interest, but I will survive.


In the meantime: head up, glass charged, fist in air, deep breath, and…



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