awkward goodbyes

Finally, a thorough night’s sleep, hurrah for the friendly stranger and his free pills. With hindsight, however, that was probably a bit dim, though the painkillers did arrive still in the packet and everything, and by that point I was so desperate for pain relief I woulda eaten a biro if someone had told me it would make things better.

And so… I feel drained, and tense, and am spending the weekend Waiting. To go abroad, to have my peace of mind back, to have my life back – no wait, I R is gonna be so Broke, no life for I!

Although, today it turns out me flatmate will be gone by the time I return from this Pilgrimage of Bloody Stupidity. Ooh. Well, that was quick. And probably for the best – I know she’s feeling miserable here and I know she reckons she’s gonna be broke and I sympathise cos I will be as well, but really… it’s not against the law for someone to live in my place and wish fervently I didn’t live in it too, (though I could wish that she hadn’t been quite so honest about it, serves me right for asking, I guess), and it doesn’t make her the antichrist, but if I’m that bad, really, why are we doing this to ourselves? Life is short!

So instead, we will both be free and poor. But, hopefully, we will both be happier. Touchwood!

I was hoping to spend at least part of Sunday at Costco, with Cake, and a conversation that wasn’t intolerably awkward, but Cake had just been driving her bloke to a fancy restaurant in beautiful scenery all day to celebrate his birthday, awww, and was knackered. It was good to hear she’d had a good time though. Instead, I spent part of Sunday at the Allittlement, cutting down wood to make raised beds. Then I nipped home to (rather cheekily, no doubt) drill holes in em with me flatmate’s drill before she takes it away. Was it my idea to buy drill bits to compliment the drill? I rather think it was. Muppet. Now, neither of us can drill.

It’s a bit sad, really, end of an era, blah blah, though worse things happen at sea. And look, rain, no more woodwork. Worth mooching round the park in the rain, to get out of the house? Probably not.

Let us take our mind off things by packing for Stuttgart!

Well, that took all of five minutes. Ah, this is not excitement and anticipation I am feeling, this is merely the longing for the putting down of a burden. Bah! So I tried to drown myself in photo-processing, I tried to drown myself in drawing, I eventually tried to drown myself in Civ 4. Ah, the challenges of attempting to shut off one’s brain when one has to be up at the crack of dawn and doesn’t dare use the time-honoured tradition of Booze!

I helped load a couple of carfulls of stuff, at least. At last, a thing my flatmate and I (probably) agree on – best to get this over with already!


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