back with a bump, continued

Dear god, today is more depressing than yesterday! And the weather, it is no better. Why, why, does my mood seem tied to the vagaries of the rain in the west coast of Scotland, sunless land of the pale blue people?

Ah now, get a grip; it is only to be expected that after a moment of utter Victory and jubilation, one’s mood will tank harder than a whole division of Panzers. Especially if no fresh projects are in the offing to distract one! I was down for months after unexpectedly graduating with honours that time.

So I set to on the kitchen today, clambering about the worktops armed with Mr Muscle and many a sneezing fit because of it, which did add to the drama quite a bit. Jeebus, it is minging up there.

It’s kinda wierd to think I already only have one day left before I go back to work, and I don’t feel I did anything with this week at all. Technically, half of it was spent in Stuttgart, but that feels like something I dreamed last night in betwen plootering aimlessly like a lost soul. Dammit! I should be making the most of this, and I know I’m just marking time I’ll regret and want back. And that’s the one thing you cannot have in this life (except possibly, total control of the moral highground).

Right. Enough; time for some Brothers’ Toffee Apple Cider (plug, plug), the fluffiest jammies, a mug of hot chocolate and some B-52’s. And let’s actually process some goddamn zoo snaps for a change, why not. If this doesn’t cheer me up, it is definitely time to pack it in and go to bed.

Wouldya believe it, every damn shot is out of focus – except the ones where the subject stuck its head behind an inconvenient bit of foliage at the last minute, natch. Hours and days later, I have got through one fifth of them. Stupid slow laptop! Why is it so slow?

Oh yeah, it’s full of unprocessed zoo snaps.


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Mainly making art, making wine, writing and gardening. Having a life only as the above allows.
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