a return to the nicely low-key

After all the weekend’s shenanigans, it was quite weird being back at work.  Off the back of a break of… one whole day, too!

Getting to work took some doing, however, because I had four bottles of homemade raspberry wine on my back as gifts to colleagues – not a very good time to fall down on the ice, that.

The office is still there, sadly. So, on with the drudgery!

But only briefly. Today was the day of the office Christmas lunch, where departmental secretaries past and present meet for a cheap nosh.

My Colleague of Skull Scarves had texted me last night to say, Come through for a make-up lesson at break, and I did and she made me look Fabulous, awww. And at the lunch, a Secretary Past, who for some reason seems to have decided that I lead a wild and interesting life, said lovely things about enthusiasm and outfit, and that the only thing wrong with it was my stompy boots, but if I wasn’t wearing them, sure, I wouldn’t be me. Awww. The only nice thing I’ve said to her was when I complimented her on her badminton bruise, last time we met; but truly, it was so pretty.

Me and the Wee Lady Who Used To Have The Big Trolley swapped bottles of wine, and I stayed on at work for a lift home from my Cellmate. And hey, all in all, it was very much more low-key than the weekend has been, but it was all very pleasant. And so cheap!

And the evening consisted of Sums, and that was nice too. You know, it is a very small and probably painfully mundane existence that I am milking for all the fun of the fair like a milkmaid with a drying-up cow, but there are substantial amounts of enjoyment to be gleaned. And I don’t just mean things like, Blessings: 1. Not Having The Pox.

No! I mean, Blessings: 1. Not Having My Colleague Of Empty Kettles  At The Annual Meet-up Lunch. Yeah, oops.


About beshemoth

Mainly making art, making wine, writing and gardening. Having a life only as the above allows.
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