liberal handwringing all round

Today started with a fire alarm and the very strong smell of smoke. Goddammit. It is worth noting that my department was the only one to bother evacuating; everyone else just sat around waiting for instructions from on high. Well, that’s not strictly true – the kitchen staff evacuated too. As far as the cafe downstairs. Lads, still in a building that could potentially be on fire, here! Have you any idea how fast that stuff gets about once it gets going?

The fire-brigade gave us the all clear in the end. Coincidentally, today turned out to be the day that the kitchen staff were making a big Christmas dinner for everyone. Peppercorn steak and sauce and Christmas trimmings and a massive prawn cocktail starter for a fiver, woo! And now I am going to hell because the planet hates me – prawns are practically non-renewable and the bit of cow I just ate probably equated to some poor sod in the third world’s carbon footprint for the year. Hell, I got on a plane twice at the weekend, just for shits and giggles.

I bought some third world kids the ability to go to school as a sop to my conscience. Now, my bank balance hates me more than ever. Should not have bought the steak.

Unfortunately, some of the post that came in for me today turned out to be for my Colleague of Empty Kettles, and when I went through with it, lo she did turn unto me and sayeth, in a small voice, ‘Did you have a nice time at the lunch then.’ Ooh corks, I had somehow hoped she wouldn’t find out. Now I feel bad for her.

I don’t, however, feel guilty; I did suggest we should bring her, and but two of my colleagues said, If she’s going, I’m NOT going. So it wouldn’t have been the unbroken annual tradition of secretaries from this department, past and present, meeting up; it would have been, well, me and my Colleague of Empty Kettles and my Cellmate; and the past ones then wouldn’t have gone either – why would you go all that way and spend money, while a pensioner, meeting strangers? Who rather obviously just ousted your mates?

But I still feel sorry for her. Even though she’s kinda made her own bed here.

All that put my day right out of whack. Yesterday morning, despite a day off, I was Up To Date, dammit, and even thinking of putting things in motion like calling IT about this shared drive again. Half an hour of alarums and excursions later, however, and I am already up against it!

I spent most of the day swearing at the phone when it rang, mainly because it makes my Cellmate laugh. God, maybe it’s that polite laugh my ex-flatmate used to have when I attempted to entertain her, right before she decided she hated me. No, don’t get paranoid, you’ll become crap and fall even further behind!

Instead of panicking and thus falling behind, my Cellmate and I spent part of the afternoon decorating the office with tinsel and singing Christmas songs and giggling. It was great. I handed out mince pies, but did not get one because I gave the last one to my Colleague of Empty Kettles. Okay, I do feel totally guilty.

Speaking of falling behind – the sums. I calculate even at fourteen hours a week I am not doing sufficient – I must be More Organised! Ah, this is perhaps what sucks any ‘stopping to smell the flowers’ from my life. So I accidentally ditched fighting to do sums, having got a bit carried away and not noticed the time. Yeah, I rock.

The Well-Ard Chick was not impressed when I texted to apologise. Good thing I didn’t say, ‘one of my toes is twice normal size’ instead. Which was true, by the time I got home, but doesn’t count as an excuse because I know I should really suck it up and fight. It’s not the fighting, though, or even the press-ups; it’s the extra four miles of walking that’s the problem!


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