the Christmas spirit has done missed the boat round here

Lo, it has now not got above freezing all week, and there is lovely pretty frost all the time. Mainly in my gloves. Leather they be, and lined with fake fur, and I still spend the first ten minutes of the walk in agony due to the cold. Then they start thawing, which feels even worse, and by the time it’s Cigarette On The Viewpoint time, I can just about manage to assemble one. So life is pretty good.

Today my Colleague of Empty Kettles is still offski, which is odd, we were told she’d be back. I did that bundle of work I had risked reputation and reprimand for yesterday, but I ain’t doing all her work – I have Hellday tomorrow too, after all. Speaking of which, I have to print off everything for Dr Anonymous’s clinic this afternoon! Onward!

Today, my Cellmate gave me a lift all the way to the PO depot for a parcel, awww. And all the way home. She (and others) have expressed admiration for my walking about in this weather which – well, I have to! Right, finally I have something to wrap! But I didn’t. I sent emails and photos, which  took forever (and which I spent an hour yesterday trying to do, but the camera battery let me down), so that’s at least one thing done, and I finished the Sums (I no longer care if they’re wrong, though I will) and went for a wee hour’s kip after dinner, being all cold and tired.

And woke up at half past midnight. Shit. Okay, I clearly SO needed that, but nevertheless, that’s most of an evening devastated and all I got done was some odds and ends. I SUCK!

I got up, put a loaf on, and went back to bed. Brrr.

In conclusion: Goddammit. Right. Look on the bright side. Stoney broke you may be, and stoney cold to boot, but imagine you were going through this big crisis over the Sums and not getting stuff done, and at the same time you were sharing your living space with someone who made the kitchen into a bombsite in a mere half hour, and who then gave you grief the instant you stepped in the door and clocked it. And did not then clean it up. Things could be worse! You could be up on a charge of diminished responsibility right now!


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Mainly making art, making wine, writing and gardening. Having a life only as the above allows.
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