it’s just not Christmas without the pettiness

Christmas Eve! Finally I am a little bit excited. I don’t dare get too excited, however, in case I end up stuck in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of people who dislike me and make unreasonable demands and I cannot leave – well, not without doing a Captain Oates. In honour of this anxiety, my brain spent the night giving me nightmares featuring said behaviour from the Male Parental Unit, who is not even going to be there. (He is Down Under, address still unknown. I have resorted to photographing the front and contents of the Christmas cards I write him and emailing them to him). Thanks, brain. I was even less excited about going to my wee bro’s after that.

My Cellmate is majorly excited, however, and why not – she’s off till the fifth. Wow! And she has kids so Christmas is gonna be far more special for her.

My Colleague of Empty Kettles, however, is not very excited. She is still ragingly angry with Dr Hurricane over the chocolates incident. Oh come on, woman, I mean I was able to laugh about it when I worked for her! My Colleague of Empty Kettles was so angry, in fact, that when my Colleague of Cakes got my Cellmate to divvy up the chocolates equally into envelopes (fearing, probably correctly, that my Colleague of Empty Kettles would claim the shares were unequal if she did it), and my Cellmate took a share through, my Colleague of Empty Kettles… pitched it into the bin. Right in front of her. This did not go down very well.

She did, however, bring through a Christmas card for Dr Pleasant, on account of how he had got us each a bottle of champers, and pushed the card onto my desk for me to give to him. Hmm. Wait. I got my Colleague of Empty Kettles a Christmas card. Is there a card underneath that card, from her to me? Since she’s up the high doh at the moment with people being stingy and ungrateful and all?

No! It is very hard to work hard and chortle myself senseless at the same time. However, not only did I do it, but – I reckon I win the moral high-ground. Hurrah!

Now let us see what else the festive season has to offer. I would be glad if it was less pettiness to snigger over, but that is preferable to awkward social situations, so if that is all there is, let us make the best of it!

Merry Christmas all! Or, whoever is spending the festive season reading this (seriously, are you mad?)


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Mainly making art, making wine, writing and gardening. Having a life only as the above allows.
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2 Responses to it’s just not Christmas without the pettiness

  1. motheralice says:

    Hey doll! Hope your Holidays were fabulous and a very Happy New Year on it’s way!

    “It is very hard to work hard and chortle myself senseless at the same time.” I have had this experience as well, and it is quite difficult indeed. But well worth the odd looks you get from coworkers, imho. 😉

  2. beshemoth says:

    Aww hi, that’s so sweet! I was gonna send you a message on the usual site and I probably forgot in my extreme PANIC, so I hope you had a very fab festive season yourself! xx

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