Hogmanay-build-up chaos

Today, I woke up late. See, I knew it. Still, nobody noticed (or perhaps, cared) and I can make that back up, and the clinic is so prepped that I just have to go down and plonk down all the files.

And then come back for more files they needed at the last minute. And then come back for dictation tapes because they’d run out. And… Sigh.

At least this week, Dr Anonymous appears to have grasped the concept of the Big Folder Of Results For Patients At The Clinic. That only took three weeks, and after we’d agreed on it beforehand and everything.

Still, it is important to remember that every day, slog-like and repetitive though it is, brings a little ray of something unusual. True, sometimes you have to dig quite hard for it, but last Thursday, for instance, I went out of my way to help a patient find A&E and the main doors shut behind me and the sensor froze so I had to go round the back to get in again; and on Friday, there was a little flock of what turned out to be lesser redpolls out back, eating all the birch seeds; and yesterday me and my Colleague of Skull Scarves took a Coffee Break. Today, I had a nice wee chat with one of the nurses. Awww.

Tonight, I got some cheap-arsed groceries out of LIDL, so as soon as I have a free day I plan to crack on with attempting goulash and stroganoff and soups and new sorts of thai curry. As soon as I go down to Morries and get the rest of the ingredients which LIDL doesn’t do, boom boom. (Ah, but this is why LIDL is exciting. You go in for an aubergine, and then you go back for another and they don’t have any – but they do have a circular saw for just under thirty quid, oh slaver, oh drool. No. Today, I was strong.)

So that was a thing done. Now, just to assemble the tripod and the thermos and the crocs and duct-tape and towel for Disaster Squad’s first ever mission on Saturday morning. This took mere seconds, go my Putting Things Where They Live prowess! And now, a stress-free evening of Sums, and then tomorrow I can get in a bit of light housework after work, before trogging over to Whisky and Beer’s for Hogmanay. And – wait, a text!

Okay, radical change of plan. With only twenty-four hours to go! Rice Krispies has been unable to score a club ticket, so is spending Hogmanay in Edinburgh. Which means if the Disaster Squad mission is to proceed, I also have to spend Hogmanay in Edinburgh. (Perhaps, doing Sums at Rice Krispies’ while she is out partying – I really do not have the money to visit even one little pub.) Which means grovelling apologies to Beer and Whisky, finding a way to fit all the mission equipment into the rucksack along with a whole bunch of booze and the war-paint and a change of frock – oh corks, I probably have to carry all that to work as well – and the housework now has to be done tonight. Not that anyone will know apart from me and, you know, the internet, but there you go.

Also, state of mind has now been adjusted from, ‘calm’, to ‘AROOGAH, AROOGAH, DIVE DIVE!’, which is not conducive to learning new uses for Cosine. Maybe I shall send some New Year messages instead, for I will not get a chance to do so tomorrow!

Which is of course, when the laptop decided to run a massive scan and not let me do anything at all, all night. Also, my phone charger appears to be at my wee bro’s.

Tomorrow’s logistics are looking somewhat nightmarish.

In conclusion: grim fatalism combined with panic is not the frame of mind I hoped to be in for greeting 2011. [So no change there – Ed]. Mind you, I was only in a Christmassy state of mind with much bludgeoning, and nobody else was particularly in one either – at least, nobody I met. However, given the number of people I know who’ve had close relatives having close shaves over the festive season, this is hardly surprising. And also a wake-up call for me to not sweat the small stuff; there’s folks out there with Actual burst pipes and no heating and having to spend Boxing Day at hospital bedsides. So for 2011, here’s hoping things improve all round.


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