being a lazy wimp – but one that’s still alive! (just)

Today started bright and early, in the dark, with a terrific fright when I was inches from being run over on the green man. Granted, this sort of close shave happens on a weekly basis, so I should be more used to it; but usually I have the presence of mind to hit the button, wait for the green man, and then wait for all traffic in the vicinity to definitely come to a halt before stepping into the road (because there’s always one that guns it instead). This time, however, I had crossed the first half of the road and was part-way across the second half when I registered motion at a constant rate out of the corner of my eye and had to throw myself out of the path of some bastard as he charged serenely up the road. I’m not even sure he saw any of it. Okay, I was wearing black, my bad, but I was less than a foot from his bumper and I still don’t think he saw me. Or, you know, the red light he was blithely running.

We had a laugh about it at work, at least – mainly because one week, Dr Anonymous called in saying he wasn’t showing up because he nearly crashed his car, so he was going home instead. Technically, this gives me a precedent for not coming in because it’s scary out there too, right? Oh who am I kidding.

Once again, nothing got done tonight. I tried, I really did, but for some reason a three-day week has exhausted me to the bone. Also, pain, two types of. Still. It’s not screaming-agony pain, just, making-it-very-hard-to-concentrate pain. I swear, I am not Meant to finish this module, let alone the whole course.

Of course (pun intended) I should suck it up because far worse things happen at sea – or indeed, just down the corridor, where my poor colleagues are both having a terrible time of it. And I don’t mean things like ‘oh corks, this dictation tape has fankled itself’ – no, we are talking Problems, and heart-rending ones at that. I really have no idea how I could possibly help. I suppose, I should at least be grateful for my own lack of problems – hey, I escaped a total brush with death only this morning, and really, the Sums are merely a Challenge, are they not? One for tomorrow, as well – I’m getting an early night in the hope that when I wake up tomorrow, I will somehow be a brand new person. Haha.


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Mainly making art, making wine, writing and gardening. Having a life only as the above allows.
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