oh not another sodding ice-age

As the mastodons might well have said.

Although, no mastodon has probably ever said: Bwahahaha, yesterday my wee bro helped me hang my brand-new chin-up bar, so I can now do chin-up reps as part of this (touchwood) morning workout routine. And today was a nice, chilled day after that; coffee under cloudy morning skies and – wait! Cloudy morning skies! What be the forecast for today, oh BBC? Cloud till midday, you say? To the window frames, Batman!

And thus it was that just as I dipped the brush into the pot of stain, the first rays of direct sunlight came rosy-fingering their way in the window. I swear, it’s a conspiracy.

Right. Since no staining is going to be achieved, this morning is to be all about the Sums, because this avo is meant to be all about going to see Lirazelf doing a spoken word thing in town. Hopefully the sun (in the suddenly-cloudless cornflower sky) will not melt all the snow into – wait, what happened to the snow? There is a skating-rink outside!

Perhaps, that was rain I heard lashing against the windows last night after all, though I was trying to pretend it wasn’t. Hmm. Eight miles in this lot is suddenly looking more doubtful. Let us attempt to make it to the supermarket as a reccy!

And that’s how a twenty-minute round-trip lasted an hour. Seventeen kilos (I weighed myself with the shopping when I got in) is not to be messed around with on slick ice. At one especially slick part, I stopped dead to consider my options and momentum still carried me a whole foot forward. And I wasn’t exactly storming along.

Right, stopping-in time. Outdoors is suffering a friction deficit! I made the most of it – Sums, a roast dinner, a big vat of chilli and a loaf of bread were all taken care of. But that’s it, I am officially Fed Up with winter and even slipping and sliding two miles was unpleasant today. Four miles tomorrow? Eight? Never!

Fortunately, I have a nice Cellmate (whose number I plugged back into the new phone on Friday, thank every god!) who has agreed to give me a lift to work in the morning.

So the weekend has been… a draw, I suppose.


About beshemoth

Mainly making art, making wine, writing and gardening. Having a life only as the above allows.
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One Response to oh not another sodding ice-age

  1. lirazelf says:

    Skating rink pavements are the least fun ever…

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