why not to have good intentions – with examples

Today, the icesheet was still in place – only half an inch thick, but even more lethal now that it got rained on all night. Fortunately, I had a lift to work. I got up at six, determind to get in an hour’s study and some stretches before the late start. Then I realised what I was doing and went scurrying back to bed. Ha, and it took me forever just to crab my way across fifteen feet of pavement to my Cellmate’s car.

Which set the tone for the day, really. Well, not so – I managed to (sssh, she says, telling the internet) take a small bundle of typing from Eyes next door, just to see how it goes. On pain of never helping them ever again if they tell anyone I did this – if I get found, my whole team will get Cross-Trained and our workload will rise and I will quite rightly be crucified for it. But I feel so sorry for Eyes – they are up to their, well, eyes, and starting to crumble under the pressure. (And why have things got this bad? Well, word has it, my Colleague of Empty Kettles, who partly works for them, was originally contracted to pitch in, back in July, and has so far not done so at all).

By the end of play, the ice had melted, allowing me to walk into town for fightclub, but my head felt like it was going to burst. Dammit. I am knackered – for some reason – and would really enjoy a nice, peaceful evening at home with the Sums. And a lift there. Which I have. Bwahaha, I am so spoiled.

So I got in, sat down in the fearfully bright lights of a room I took most of the lightbulbs out of, stared down the Sums, and lo the letters of the equation of Coulomb’s law did dance a quadrille and then tied themselvse into a knot. Aha, a migraine; that is what all this is about! Well, either that or I’ve been spiked. Ha, and I thought, maybe I’d done my hair up too tight.

I suppose, right now, I should go lie down in a darkened room, but too much time has been wasted already. So I tried to persevere, but no joy. Dammit.

Then it occurred to me – what triggers migraines? Why, red wine and chocolate and cheese! So I mulled up (a formidably tiny quantity of) red wine, opened a suitably cheap book whose thin pages had no sheen to them, and stuffed my face until a suitable time for going for an early night. Take that, migraine!


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Mainly making art, making wine, writing and gardening. Having a life only as the above allows.
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