Hellday, part two

Today, Hellday continued. Forty-eight hours of Hellday is a little unprecedented, even for Hellday, but so goeth this week, I suppose.  The Exotic-Looking Forrin one of yesterday (or Elf, for short) apparently took so long to do his dictation that it all had to be locked in the clinic. Alas, there are no clinics on Fridays, so there were no nurses or clinic staff around today, and the clinic remained locked. Apparently, he had only dictated on four patients, but every last one of the four needed something urgent done with their records, and here’s me on the wrong side of the door. Le sigh.
Can’t you give me his page number? demanded one irate colleague down the phone at one point. Ha, I said, I don’t even know the guy’s name.

To find this out, I had to phone the rival hospital.

“Richard!” exclaimed the lassie on the other end of the phone. Nope, he’s the one who had annual leave yesterday (how very dare he) so they sent someone else to fill in.

“Fraser!” No, he’s Forrin.

“Gunjeet!” Slightly less Forrin.

“Ooh – you got the Greek God!” she said, in tones of awe.

Yeah, that sounds about right. And the name?

“Geo – Goe – Gero – I’ll email you it,” she said. Oh this is going to be just MARVELLOUS.

Luck was with me later, however – I went out for a smoke and on my return, found the clinic manager in the canteen, eating maltesers. Which is fair enough, it was her break. I buttonholed her for the Whereabouts Of the Master Key, and lo, I got access to the clinic! And the things everyone was screaming for. And the dictaphone, which I promptly hid, for the person I nicked it off yesterday had gone home for the weekend by this point.

But in the end, I prevailed, and even managed to turn around ninety percent of yesterday’s incoming, which is not damn bad considering at least two hours got wasted on crap there, I only got the keys by the skin of my teeth and many departments have a backlog of weeks and weeks.

You know what, I’m gonna have a long weekend. I have two days off to use before April and I feel I sodding deserve to use em doing MY stuff for once!


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Mainly making art, making wine, writing and gardening. Having a life only as the above allows.
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