California Day Six – No adventures, only wildlife

Woo! Only two more days in California, and so much unseen and not done! Therefore, wasting no time, I got up bright and early on the Friday and spent the whole time sitting on the patio, drinking coffee and looking at the wildlife. Well, dammit, this is my last chance to actually chill out till god knows (if you don’t count the sixteen or so hours wedged into a plane, in between dodging hordes in airports. How fortunate it is that I’m not claustrophobic; except in crowds.) Thus we come up against Beshemoth’s Typical Holiday Dilemma – must Take Chance To Relax! However: Must SeeEverything! As demonstrated on Monday, trying too hard usually results in doing neither.

The wildlife here is pretty damn fantastic. Merely from the patio this week, while having the occasionally fly fag, I have seen a black squirrel scampering over the restaurant roof, American robins (mistle thrushes*, only spray-painted red), chickadees (big bad-ass punk coal-tits) and things that look remarkably like a cross between greenfinches and yellowhammers, but probably aren’t. And, and – a genuine fecking hummingbird! No shit, this thing was as high as my finger, its little wings a blur as it zipped and hovered about, and I failed to get any photos of it at all. (Wildlife successfully photographed: sparrows. Pah.) It was bottle-green with a crimson throat, and the internet informs me that it is a ruby-fronted hummingbird; but that they are not found at all in the western USA. So who knows.

*(do not ask me what a mistle is. You also get mistletoe, however. Perhaps they are related?)

Fortunately, this is quite tame as nature round here goes – in the Golden Gate Park, I came across a sign warning me to beware of coyotes (and also that I was permitted to throw a small stone, should I encounter one. I have never actually seen Written Permission To Attack The Local Fauna before; coyotes must be quite fierce. A brief scan of the area revealed nothing in the way of stones, so I am glad not to have seen one.)

Anyway, that is a long way round for saying, I did sod-all today. Oh wait, I did get the fright of my life when the Bossman busted in and took me out for sashimi (oh, it was so good) and I picked up his favourite beers on the way home. And a bottle-opener, for I had noticed he cunningly kept the only one around his person at all times, so I could not drink in the afternoons without hitting up room service his permission. Perhaps slightly miffed at my subtle declaration of independence, he got in from work and drank off most of the beers in the time it took me to have just that one. Then, unable to legally drive, we were forced to mooch around the hotel room, watching Infested!, until hunger drove us to the restaurant.  Ah, how easy it is to put everything on the tab…


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