Working hard at not working – cos working hard isn’t working!

Yeah, I think I’m sooooo funny.

Anyway. It is clear even to me that the more work I’m putting into punting my spare room, doing the allotment, etc etc, the less I’m getting anywhere with it. Time to take a step back, take stock, adjust my philosophy – and do something completely different in the meantime!

Here’s a thought: I practically never socialise any more. I seem to have traded it for Getting Shit Done, which I kinda prefer because the chances of making an arse of myself are limited when I’m on my own [unless you tell the internet later – Ed], but perhaps someone’s trying to tell me I should take the opportunity to, you know, live a bit more.

With this in mind, I made plans to meet the Lady of Lovely Hats for a Mystery Shopping Experience. By which I mean, she invited me (awww, and indeed, how providential), and I said I would love to. It involves, Going to A Pub, so it is in fact exactly the same plan as the providential pub-going on Friday. Hee.

But first, I got up early on Saturday and went to ASDA to get the Bossman food, for he had none in his flat and was coding like a bastard. (Haha, his excuse for having bare cupboards? “I’m a bachelor!”  Yeah, and he woulda probably gotten that under the radar too if he hadn’t stopped and corrected himself.) ASDA is somewhat further on foot than I feel I was led to believe, but hey, I did not fall in the sea as I was assured I might well be capable of. (Oh god, that’s a Twilight moment!* Nyargh.)

*(Wayyyy down at the bottom of the article. This is how I read Twilight, btw).

Some relatively successful x-related hours later (eighteen years later, I finally understand how to interpret 1/ root x as an x-to-the-power-of! I bet everyone is really interested!) and we had Chilling. Woo! I am out of practice at this. Specifically, we watched Limitless.

Here follows a bunch of spoilers for Limitless 

I really liked the premise of this film! There’s a drug, of mysterious origin, which boosts one’s brain, and the protagonist, who is a deadbeat author-in-progress, gets hold of it by chance! And it acts by allowing one to notice tiny details and put them all together to make brilliant insights! So far, so cool. What could one do with a drug like that? Well, apparently the protagonist has a really amazing plan – as long as he can avoid being killed by everyone who’s after the drug (one of whom has just offed the guy he got it from) and also by the loan sharks he just borrowed his seed capital from.

I could not wait to see what this amazing plan was! I was all, ooh, ooh, if it was me, I could know how to make a total killer viral meme that would encourage people to get together at a grass-roots level and create a parallel infrastructure to the crumbling thing we have at the moment! It would be awesome! It would be cellular! It would be made by the people for the people and mean that we as civilians could have our own emergency plans in place and help each other and it could go international and be adapted to everyone for their own communities! So no matter how corrupt the governments got, or how inept, they could not arrest us all! it would be great! It would be Transition Towns, in fact, ah bollocks.

But, with a superior hook, because I would be All Smart and know how to do that.

So I was a tad disappointed when the protagonist’s amazing plan was… run for president. Yes, groundbreaking.

And enough of that. (Oops, that got away from me – I am quite excited by Media, I never have the time to watch any, on account of I spend all my time reading TVtropes being dead busy). Instead we had CSI: Things That Give You Horrible Flashbacks But You Don’t Like To Say Because It Makes You That Woman (That Nobody Likes Hanging Out With).

Maybe that’s enough Media.

Sunday went rather well, for avoiding both productivity and media: I went to the pub, where I was early and the Lady of Lovely Hats was late. (Which is not her fault, and I am not complaining! It is just how it was!) Due to sheer force of habit, I merrily got out the Sums and started differentiating x, which is a social faux pas akin to… I dunno, but it’s been taken badly (indeed, taken personally!) in pubs before if I’m sitting on my own with a book. Let alone a calculator!

However, it was a lovely sunny day and nobody seemed to give a rat’s arse, hurrah, and then the Lady of Lovely Hats turned up and we had dinner and it was really good to see her! Okay, I see her about once a week, when she brings me a big tub of potato peelings to go in the compost*, but we are both far too busy for more than a few minute’s chat.

*(Yes, I am That sort of complete bastard – not only do I compost, I have other people bring me things to compost! This is why I have no friends.)

Afterwards, I phoned my Chestnut-Haired Old Mother. And that’s probably my socialising over for the month…


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