in which beshemoth shirks all her responsibilities and sods off to the sun

This week, I have four days to get finished up at work, pack a bag, leave the flat in a state in which I would wish to find it on my return, and get my arse out of dodge. Woo! Due to recent events like the big freezer being fried in a powercut, however, I also have four days to start a massive vat of plum wine, strain the damn thing four days later (seriously pushing it here), get a bunch of turnip seedlings planted out at the Allittlement, and get trained in the new software that’s being rolled out across the city’s health services. Oh, and finally finish that drawing:

So that’s one thing done, then.

(also, I hereby declare oil pastels to be rock’n’roll!)

And despite still being Aff the Caffeine, the discovery that that was my last sheet of A3 and I have other commissions on the way, the tumultuous return of Dr Hurricane from her holidays, an emergency last-minute meeting with the boss to tinker with my job description (hint – it might actually get better! so I might not crack up after all!) and the discovery that I misplaced a lodger sometime last week (she is away home to Latvia. What with one thing and another I didn’t notice for literally days on end. Oops)…

the flat is clean! The bag is packed! The turnips are cast into the wilderness where the slugs will no doubt eat them before I return, the plants are watered, the plum wine is on its way (touchwood) even though I had to adapt the vat itself with a breadknife, and I am off to the train station with much trepidation, hopefully my passport because I have checked six times now, and a slug of gin in a bottle of tonic. Because I have earned it.


About beshemoth

Mainly making art, making wine, writing and gardening. Having a life only as the above allows.
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