Beshemoth in ‘not actually dead’ shocker

So after that massive spate of catch-up, the blog went on hiatus for ooh, seven months. (Also, I did not get that job because on reading back, I sound like a frazzled maniac, which to be fair is what I was at the time).

So, on all counts, go me! I have reasons for the hiatus, honest. By which I mean, excuses. My job description got changed, the workload got upped, this happened three times over the autumn, yada yada overtime all the time, work-life balance became severely out of whack, job metastasised into twelve-hour slogs of nothing but running about being screamed at and rescheduling urgent cancer patient operations that kept getting delayed by co-morbidities until the queue was out the door and the rest of my workload taller than I was.

Eventually I could take no more of coming in from work and staring at the wall for an hour just to calm down, before lying awake every night wondering what was going to go wrong tomorrow, and had to take three weeks off at Christmas and stay at the Bossman’s flat. My GP put me on these pills to stave off insanity and they worked a treat, I knocked out two of my best drawings ever, and I returned home to a lightened workload with less pressure, and the determination to pick up all the projects I had been ignoring since October.

Then I decided not to do the dishes just yet and write a wee short erotica piece.

Fourteen weeks later, I’ve just finished knocking out a 151,000 word story that’s only the
first part of a trilogy, finally been declared officially sane by my boss, and within hours
of that, had my workload doubled. Then doubled again later in the week. Did I mention
the overtime is back also?

So that’s where things stand at the moment. Will Beshemoth crack up under the pressure
once more? (now with added pressure! Nothing apart from overtime and frenzied writing
has been done since the last blog update! I am too scared even to list the things that
need my attention, and I live on lists!) Will the DIY ever occur? Was the tattie harvest
killed stone dead by the month of frost that occurred right after I planted the buggers?





About beshemoth

Mainly making art, making wine, writing and gardening. Having a life only as the above allows.
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