Day Nine in Orlando: ShaMUUUUUUUUUUUU!

Today, I was mainly hoping to acquit myself better than yesterday, dammit.

Which should (in theory) be easy enough – we were off to Seaworld to see ShaMUUUUUU, the performing killer whale! Although the Bossman may not agree with my definition of ‘acquitting myself well’, seeing as I spent all of today going, ShaMUUUUUU! until he threatened to leave me behind.

Ah come on, it was dreach out (I pointed out to my fellows at Smokers’ Corner, this is what Scotland looks like ninety percent of the time!) and I felt rough after all the anti-zombie beers last night. Also, I tried the breakfast ‘biscuits and gravy’, which turned out to be, ‘stale-ish scones in pepper sauce’ and which sat in my stomach like a lead balloon all morning. I know people on this side of the pond have strange ideas about what constitutes breakfast (doughnuts covered in sugar and icing? Really) but why do people eat this, why?

The heavens opened right as we arrived, and we went under a roof to feed the sting-rays and stroke them, which was awesome; and then fled into the underground dolphin-viewing bit. It was empty until we arrived and said, Hurrah; then a thousand people followed us and blocked my photos.


Baby sting-ray!


(The same thing happened later, at the other aquarium. We are accidental trend-setters!)




arty sting-ray!


close-up octopus!


disgruntled seal


freshwater fish in front of sting-rays!


leafy sea-dragon!


even more sting-rays!

Do you want to go see the dolphin show? the Bossman hissed in my ear. I was undecided, until he informed me it was under a roof. Creature comforts, I am all for them.

I was so glad we went! It didn’t just have dolphins, but music and aerobatics and flocks of parrots and a sodding great condor that whistled wind up the backs of our necks as it came out of nowhere and flopped low overhead like a Nazgul. It was so beautiful I teared up (every time this muppet in front of me stuck his head right in the middle of a perfectly-set-up shot).







Dolphins are not big on credit: it’s a fish per trick, to be paid immediately.

And finally: ShaMUUUUUUUUUUU!

For which I did not have my camera out, for the Bossman was all excited about finally being allowed to sit in the splash zone. (Which was great – there was this tiny girl-child in the very front row, right under a cold and intermittent fountain, who screamed whenever the fountain was on but failed to move to the empty seats to either her left or right.)

The Shamu show did not have people in the water, or parrots or any of that, but it did have a lot of water going everywhere. And killer whales do not do tricks for a fish per trick; they need handfuls.

Alas, the Shamu show was stopped halfway through, due to storms and the risk of lightning. Although we didn’t get to leave the enormous metal stands we were in, or anything. And the Shamus (there were six of them; I have no idea which one was the real Shamu) did not get to leave the pond, and just swam round and round (one of them, upside down). Erm, what is the actual plan for not being struck by lightning, here?

But after a big rainbow, it set off again and hey, we were under a roof for the rain, so that was something. And I don’t think I did anything embarrassing…

shamu 2

shamu 1

shamu splash

The Bossman has a waterproof camera.


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