What I have been up to this year – with new exciting colour pictures!!!eleventy

Lots of things! Honest! So many I couldn’t even begin… oh alright, not much. I have been mainly concentrating on the art. Many hilarious mishaps (i.e. situations I found mortifyingly embarrassing) have occurred along the way, and I really do intend to share every last traumatic detail with the world in general. However, first let us see if this year’s haul of artwork loads:

First, the pretty colours:

nov 2013 bete noir ayesha ray oil pastel small

jan 2014 carmel kaylee ray oil pastel small

Above: A2 oil pastels of the local women’s wrestling circuit, Fierce Females.

28 drawings later day 8 marsden imbolc procession

28 drawings later day 9 - marsden imbolc festival jack frost

28 drawings later- wolves of imbolc

(Above: A3 oil pastels of the Marsden Imbolc fire festival, where my friends performed, drawn from photos taken by Ian Hinchliffe)

2014 feb kat medeival warrior

2014 feb kat pictish warrior 1

2014 mar underwearwolf 1

2014 feb kat steampunk warrior

2014 may pictish warrior 2

Above: Katherine Janet Milligan modelling a variety of extremely brave poses (given the Scottish weather and sharp wildlife), from photos by Ant Vaughan and Stephen Ross

Below: A3 oil pastels of nature and wildlife!

2014 june eagle own for tricia

An eagle owl I did for me mate’s birthday

2014 sept spooky hedges ireland

The Dark Hedges, Ireland

2014 may hieland coo photo Oban 2011

A highland calf, cos there was a Scottish-themed exhibition coming up

2014 june carrowmore dolmen 7

Dolmen No.7, Carrowmore, Ireland

2014 may durneviir scan

Durnehviir Aff Of Skyrim (perhaps not quite wildlife), for a mate’s kid’s birthday

And some random pics of me mates

bellydancer 1 may 2014

viv flying

leonie as ariel sept 2014

Also I am working on some shots from a makeup finals show, but goddamn if the proportions don’t look all weird in this one. I SWEAR, they are like that in the photo, but mainly it feels like a complete waste of my recent week off. Anyway, for completeness’ sake:

2014 arches makeup show 1 poison ivy

Coming up next, the black and white stuff.


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