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Iceland, Day Two: In which Beshemoth goes to Reykjavik and meets Icelandic People

As predicted, the weekend dawned dim, with clouds covering the majestic mountains across the valley so thick you couldn’t even have guessed their height. Also, it was already threatening to rain. For some reason I felt far more at home. … Continue reading

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In which Beshemoth fulfills the lifetime dream of going to Iceland

So I’m heading up to the end of another year, another decade, even, and to mark the occasion I’m having a Milestone event. And I’ve always wanted to go to Iceland because it has everything, seriously. Vikings, glaciers, volcanoes, geysers… … Continue reading

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2014 in a (long, rambly) nutshell: Part Two. Abandon the previous plan and run!

Being 5/12 of the way through the year, and already having sunk lots of money I didn’t quite have in hopes being a Proper artist, (not to mention, sitting in a pit of a flat, surrounded by dozens of unsold … Continue reading

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Day Fourteen in Orlando – riding a giant hairdryer around the Everglades

Yo, is this blog post over a year late? Yes it is. Is it my fifth (or more) attempt at writing it, because it is (rather topically, this being the 1st of November 2014) CURSED, and every single other attempt … Continue reading

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Day Thirteen in Orlando: Hollywood Studios, Epcot, giant creepy-crawlies and much rambling

I was not sure how I felt about going round a park all day and most of the night again, to be honest, especially after the attack of the rabid flautas*. However, it was our last day, we had saved … Continue reading

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Day Twelve in Orlando: Busch Gardens, giraffe slobber and zombie pirate mayhem

After the day off, it was back into the holiday (whoops, ‘vacation’) fray. We set off nice and early, because this time we had to drive so far that we got out of reach of the rock station and had … Continue reading

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Day Eleven in Orlando: A well-earned rest and some meanderings on culture clashes

After all that excitement, we needed a day off, so today was spent mostly sleeping, except when we needed food or beer or the cleaner came and banged on the door. It was awesome, but does not make for terribly … Continue reading

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