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Beshemoth is not dead and is technically an Author! Announcing the ‘Women in Practical Armour’ anthology

Oh look, its been two months since I came back from Iceland and I still haven’t finished writing up the tale of my non-adventures. Other things that haven’t happened since then: finishing the upstairs of Beaky Hoose (although the plasterers are thumping … Continue reading

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Beshemoth gets taken a-viking for her birthday! Woo!

I recovered from the long drawn-out post-lurgy period just in time to get taken to York for my birthday by the Bossman, who is as generous as he is likely to turn out to be the Devil Himself (I am … Continue reading

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The tail end of Behemoth being thirty-mumble years old!

There used to be Themes to this Chronicle of Nonsense, back in the day, but that was when I was on top of things. And, let’s face it… younger. So after wasting the crappy part of the year with my … Continue reading

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Beshemoth in ‘not actually dead’ shocker

So after that massive spate of catch-up, the blog went on hiatus for ooh, seven months. (Also, I did not get that job because on reading back, I sound like a frazzled maniac, which to be fair is what I … Continue reading

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in which the hammer that is the waiting list finally falls, and beshemoth has to drop everything for a red herring

In common with roughly fifty percent of the Western Hemisphere, I don’t usually like Mondays. But hey! This Monday was going to be different, by god! Because it was going to be even worse. Zero hour has just hit for … Continue reading

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in which everything is coming together rather nicely

Woo, four-day working week! Wah, five days’ work to shoehorn in! And this week was tremendously exciting for a number of other reasons too. Behold! Blood doning! Behold! snazzy dental hospital appointment where we see what sort of roots my … Continue reading

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Bachelorette* Easter Long Weekend!

*(the Bossman managed to refer to himself as a bachelor the other week, so I totally get to do this. We are so on the rocks.) But first; the last, four-day slog of work before the exciting four days of Not work! … Continue reading

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