Beshemoth is not dead and is technically an Author! Announcing the ‘Women in Practical Armour’ anthology

Oh look, its been two months since I came back from Iceland and I still haven’t finished writing up the tale of my non-adventures. Other things that haven’t happened since then: finishing the upstairs of Beaky Hoose (although the plasterers are thumping about overhead as I type), getting the last few raised beds edged, the fiasco that is my working environment cohering into any sort of order. And not for lack of effort on my part – I’ve been back working full time to make up for folk being off with stress. Things have got so chaotic that any day where I leave the office and it is not actually on fire is now being counted as a personal success.

However, all of that has to be put aside now, because it is the month where I traditionally have a minor mental health crisis time to promote the Women In Practical Armour anthology!



The kickstarter page can be found here.

As you can see, it is chock-full of amazing authors, some of whom you may have heard of already (and also me, presumably due to some cosmic oversight). I didn’t expect that to happen, I certainly had only the vaguest clue how kickstarter actually worked (rather like those ‘just giving’* pages where you get sponsored for running a marathon, I assumed) but it’s here and I’m here and apparently there is marketing and self-promotion to be done, by God!

(I would rather eat a cardboard box, sans condiments, than self-promote, but it’s For The Team, and I’m a sucker for doing things For The Team. As you can tell, from the fact that I’ve upped my hours at work and simultaneously got snidey comments from members The Team about how it would be nice if I upped my hours at work! Ba dum tish!)

So hi, both my readers, please feel encouraged to follow the link, back the kickstarter and receive swag!

More updates will follow, until the month of August is over. You have been warned.

*Fun fact: before the advent of ‘just giving’ pages, I used to put up sponsorship money myself and make up a bunch of names and signatures on the sponsorship form, rather than tote that thing around and pester people with it. Tis the attitude of champions, not!


About beshemoth

Mainly making art, making wine, writing and gardening. Having a life only as the above allows.
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