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Mainly making art, making wine, writing and gardening. Having a life only as the above allows.

Beshemoth is not dead and is technically an Author! Announcing the ‘Women in Practical Armour’ anthology

Oh look, its been two months since I came back from Iceland and I still haven’t finished writing up the tale of my non-adventures. Other things that haven’t happened since then: finishing the upstairs of Beaky Hoose (although the plasterers are thumping … Continue reading

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Iceland, Day Three: In which Beshemoth is horribly, horribly hungover but discovers a Cure

Damn you, Snorri No.10 beer, I felt exceedingly rough all day today and I didn’t even have that much. So that was the G-Monster driving again (hey, I have only just started with this driving lark, and we’re on the … Continue reading

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Iceland, Day Two: In which Beshemoth goes to Reykjavik and meets Icelandic People

As predicted, the weekend dawned dim, with clouds covering the majestic mountains across the valley so thick you couldn’t even have guessed their height. Also, it was already threatening to rain. For some reason I felt far more at home. … Continue reading

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In which Beshemoth fulfills the lifetime dream of going to Iceland

So I’m heading up to the end of another year, another decade, even, and to mark the occasion I’m having a Milestone event. And I’ve always wanted to go to Iceland because it has everything, seriously. Vikings, glaciers, volcanoes, geysers… … Continue reading

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The Beaky Blog O’Doom – Spring 2015

Nearly summer already, what. Must’ve missed spring, being busy or something… Which does not mean Beaky House is finished or even that we’ve moved into it, naturally. Although progress has been made – we now have an actual working kitchen, … Continue reading

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Short story time – “Polyanna”

And now some crappy sci-fi i wrote back in the late autumn of 2014, for there is no better time for writing crappy sci-fi, right? Polyanna Even after all this time, I remember my first sight of Anna. My first … Continue reading

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The Beaky Blog O’Doom – 2015. As far as Valentine’s Day, anyway

New Year’s day set the pattern for the year so far; feeling deflated but not quite dead, we went out to Beaky Hoose and worked like bastards. We ventured into the shed, and discovered that someone had apparently been throwing … Continue reading

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